We are convinced that providing our services

with a human touch makes all the difference.


Therefore, our essence lies in the union of our

tools with the dedication and vision of our

team. We feel honored to be part of the day-to-day achievements of each of our users, and

collaborate for the improvement of society.


Our team is your ally for:


Successfully accomplish requests and collaborations


Find services or donations for extraordinary events


Promote your CSO on our social networks and website


Generate alliances to include new tools to the platform


And much more


We will collaborate with you hand in hand



Search Engines


How long does it take you to contact the

right person to support your cause?


Has it happened to you that you want to

donate, but you don't know how or who

really needs it?


Did you know that during emergency

situations alliances make a difference in

the delivery of support?


Through our search engines you will have an effective and dynamic way to find who needs help and who can help you as a CSO. And even better, not only nationally but also internationally. In addition, you will be able to have direct and reliable communication with them through the platform.

Donor Search

Find ideal donors who can

support you in your day-to-day

or extraordinary operations according to your needs and cause. In this search engine you will be able to filter donors by location, type of donation,

target group and the field of

action of the CSO they want

to support.


Inter-Unit has 3 search


OSC Search

Find a cause with which you

can identify through our

search engine, which has a

wide catalogue of Civil

Society Organizations. In

this search engine you can

find CSOs by location, field

of action of the CSO, target

group and type of donation.


Alliance Partner Search

This search engine is

focused on reaching

possible collaborators for

the creation of strategic

alliances with a social

impact. Find alliance

partners by filtering by

type of alliance, field of

action of the CSO you

want to support and

target group.



“New information makes new ideas

possible” Zig Ziglar.


At Inter-Unit we give visibility to the

results of the interactions carried out

through the platform.


Visually through graphs and charts, you

will be able to have a general overview of

how aid is being distributed: where

donations are being concentrated, who

is receiving them, which Sustainable

Development Goal is the most impacted,

and so on.


Decisions based on



Sharing information helps us to:


Positively influence a more equitable distribution of resources


Gain insight and understand other realities


Define how each one can be an agent of change


Support the planning and delivery of aid


Facilitate decision making






How do you manage being accountable about what you do and the support your organization receives?


Are you sure that your donations were received by the intended beneficiaries?


Imagine having a tool that allows you to have photographic and location evidence as well as reports of the support you provide.



Trust based on transparency

Through our mobile app, you have personalized forms that will help you achieve transparency in your accountability. Some of the benefits you have when using the mobile app are:


Immediate registration

No duplication of deliveries

Evidence with exact location

Data to evaluate your performance

Information backup

No need for internet connection to use the app





Have you imagine carrying out your

operation with the help of a digital tool

that saves you time, facilitates your

decision-making process and provides a

timely overview of your daily activities?


Do you know how many beneficiaries are

assisted by your foundation per day?


Do you need a digital record for your

expense control?



We invite you to benefit from our App

Just as every day companies automate their processes with technology, at Inter-Unit we want CSOs to be able to do the same.

This way they can make the most of their valuable time by devoting it to their social work instead of administrative activities that digital tools can do for them.


Some of the many uses that our app offers through forms that can be customized are:


Event log, beneficiaries

registration, patients

forms and expense


Monitor guides and

inventory control


Delivery and reception of donations,


survey and volunteer work records

Fulfillment of fiscal and accounting



Construction audit

On top of that, our app can be integrated with

other systems as well.






We know that your operation may require a

more detailed and large-scale solution, where

several processes and areas within your

organization are involved. That is why we also

carry out special projects tailored to your

needs at a very affordable cost.


Contact Us!







This is the impact of EatCloud's operation in

Colombia today.

14,550 T

Tons of food rescued


25,000,000 USD

Saved to companies


485 T

Tons of CO2 emissions mitigated



Food Plates Delivered




How many times have you said, “I'm



Did you know that 1/3 of the food

produced in the world ends in the



1 out of 9 people in the world go to

bed hungry





Committed to achieve the

union of wills and

generating alliances that

benefit our communities,

Inter-Unit is a commercial

partner of EatCloud



What are you waiting for?

Be part of the change


EatCloud is a surplus food management platform that, with the aid of Artificial Intelligence, connects unsold food that is going to the waste with organizations in the social sector that can still use it.


Artificial intelligence acts as a bridge between healthy surplus food and the communities that need it the most.




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Innovation that unites willpower

for the Common Good