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Innovation that unites willpower

for the Common Good





Collaboration has an enriching effect on actions. The generation of strategic alliances serves as a core element of our platform!


Union  is strenght


Whether through our search engines or the constant

analysis and match work of the Inter-Unit team,

users can become alliance partners by unifying their

wills and forming alliances that allow them to:



Support the CSOs operations and

finance their projects


Create common fronts of action

Campaign together

Collaborate in cases of emergency

Create awareness of a cause

Our commitment is to

constantly encourage

these alliances to

strengthen the

development of society

with innovation and




Benefits for alliance partners

Individual profile with secure access


Security and reliability thanks to previous user



Easy and effective searches to make donations

and generate alliances


Direct and accessible communication with CSO and allies


Visibility to CSOs and potential allies at the national and international level


Unity of efforts to achieve common goals

Sharing good practices internationally


Reports of benefits and results obtained from CSOs supported


Recognition in our social networks and newsletter


Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Collaborator's logo published in the profile of the

supported CSOs



Find partners with whom generate social strategic alliances and join Inter-Unit!



How to become an Alliance partner?


The use of the platform and all its benefits

are obtained by paying the monthly

membership, which automatically makes

you a collaborator of a CSO.


Existing members

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