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Innovation that unites willpower

for the Common Good




We promote the Common Good by optimizing and enhancing the development of the social sector



Inter-Unit provides digital tools, consulting and constant support to all

entities that want to collaborate to achieve an inclusive and equitable



From smart search engines, accountability, operational management, contact requests, services, reports, EatCloud and more.


We invite you to learn more about our proposal and find out what

motivates you to be part of the development of our

society by joining Inter-Unit.


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Beyond love:


We are guided by the Will to transform

our society through collaboration,

initiative and love.


Our platform

A practical solution available to everyone

Operational Management




Search engines



Search engines


With the help of smart filters, find the ideal choice to give or receive

donations and generate alliances all within our platform.



Mobile app that allows you to keep a clear and open record of in-kind donations with photo evidence, geolocation and reports.



View statistics and charts of the

constantly updated interactions made within the platform.

Operational Management


Mobile app that promotes efficiency in your operational processes, by enabling digital records and timely information of some activities that are part of your day-to-day operation.



The Inter-Unit team is always working to generate and match donations and alliances, giving greater visibility to our

users by digital promotion, finding

solutions for your operation and needs, among other activities.



Platform that connects food that

leaves its consumption cycle and is

going to be wasted, with organizations in the social sector that can still use it.

Civil Society Organizations


All those not-for-profit institutions and organizations that are agents of social impact and require resources to operate efficiently and fulfill their mission.

Increased access to services and resources


 Accountability with technological innovation


Promotion and visibility

Alliance Partners

Members who seek working together with not for-profit organizations or other private organizations to generate alliances with social impact.


Creation of synergies


Strengthen support capacity


Promotion and social recognition




Members who make their support visible through our platform by providing different types of donations such as legal services, money, school supplies, medical supplies and many more.


Accurate and timely donations


Promotion and social recognition


Follow-up reports



Is the person or entity who contributes the monthly membership of one or more CSO with the option of registering on the Inter-Unit platform under any of the 3 profiles.


Supported CSO reports


Access to the platform and services


Promotion and partner recognition


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registration and get:


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Accountability and technological innovation


Promotion and social recognition