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Innovation that unites willpower

for the Common Good


Civil Society Organization


Every day around the world there are millions of people who dedicate their time and energy to assisting others. From very remote communities to urban centers, society has shown that it knows how to give; that is ready to organize itself and help those who need it when they need it.


With the valuable contribution of all these people who team up through foundations, associations, NGOs, non-profit organizations, it is possible to positively impact the lives of the most vulnerable sectors of our society.








Our platform guarantees free access to

all CSOs that want to join this union of



Benefits for OSC


Individual profile with secure access


Access to digital tools and services


Easy and effective search for donations and alliances


Direct and accessible communication with donors and allies


Access to an international network of professional volunteers


Transparency and accountability through evidence of what you do and the support you receive


Recognition in our social networks and newsletter


Saving time in your administrative tasks


Efficiency in processes with personalized

digital forms


Certainty by having your information backed up

Innovative and accessible technology


Inclusion of diverse CSOs thanks to

prior validation


Equality and decentralization of resources


Visibility to donors and potential allies at the national and international level


Collaboration between organizations with the same target group or the same field of action


Sharing good practices internationally


Participation in communication and collaboration forums


Ongoing support for emergencies and special requests


Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals







Find the tools and support you need to

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The use of the platform and all its benefits is free for all CSOs.

This is achieved through the ongoing support of our collaborators who contribute with the cost of memberships.