What a better way to make a social

investment than support these

organizations to strengthen and

automate their operation,

don't you think?



By collaborating with a membership, you help

facilitate the operation of non-profit

organizations so that their valuable time is

dedicated to carrying out their great social

work, and not to activities that can be

automated with digital tools.





Our model of Collaborative Memberships

The essence of our collaborative membership is OMNIS IN UNUM, which means, all together. We all collaborate in order to drive social development.


The private sector provides the necessary

funds, through memberships, so that

organizations can acces this

technological innovation free of charge.


While Civil Society Organizations are

committed to make good use of

our digital tools, which facilitate and

provide transparency to their operation.



We unite wills to achieve a

Greater Good.


All our memberships are $1,300 MXN per month for each CSO you want to support. In addition, the membership enables you to register on our platform under any of our profiles: CSO, donor, and/or alliance partner.

We invite you to choose the type of membership that

best suits you and become part of the technological

innovation in the third sector!




Company Membership


What is good for the community is good for



Social responsibility is a very noble way of

giving back and being grateful to the people

who have supported us as a company; it is a

way to give back a little of what has been

given. By supporting the non-profit

organizations your company helps strengthen

our communities.


Family Membership


One of the ways families can support the CSOs is by

donating clothes, food, toys that they no longer

need. This is also a way to create family values.


We believe that families are the very heart of society

and through them, we can create an everlasting

positive change. If as families we support the

organizations that take care of our communities, we

could create a beneficial shift on the reality of many.

We want everyone to be part of that change.



Condominiums Membership


Building a community starts with the joint

efforts of several people who share a space

where they should feel safe and fulfill. One

way to achieve that feeling is by developing

healthy relationships by helping each other.


Encourage your neighborhood or

condominium to adopt a CSO and together be

part of the positive impact on our society.

School Membership


Educating new generations from an early age

to cooperate with CSOs, creates citizens aware

that changing a society is the result of

teamwork. Schools have a great responsibility

of shaping minds, and we believe that creating

core concepts as collaboration, empathy,

respect and teamwork at a young age build the

grounds for social transformation.



Friends Membership


 Unity is strength and one of the most

beautiful things in a friendship is

achieving together a goal that can

benefit the community.


You and your group of friends have the

opportunity to be part of a cause that

inspires you; and at the same time help a

non-profit organization grow and

continue having a positive impact in your



Join the third sector and be an agent of

change in your society!




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Innovation that unites willpower

for the Common Good