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Innovation that unites willpower

for the Common Good




Our business model seeks that Civil Society

Organizations (CSOs) can take advantage of all

our tools at no cost.


How do we do it? Through our collaborative

membership, that on one hand is financed by

our collaborators and on the other hand, and as

an indispensable requirement, involves the

commitment of the CSOs of using and

integrating our tools in their operation and




The cost is symbolic compared to all the benefits

they get. In addition, the contribution automatically

includes the option that the collaborator may register

on the platform under any of our profiles: CSO, donor,

and/or alliance partner.

Benefits for our collaborators

Access to digital tools and services


Report of benefits and results obtained by

the CSOs supported


Recognition in our social networks and newsletter




Participation in communication and collaboration forums


Monthly invoice issued for membership fees




Find out what motivates you to support the

development of Civil Society Organizations

and join Inter-Unit!

Our membership is a symbol of collaboration, made by the essential participation of both the social sector and the private sector.


Become a member of this social innovation project and be an agent

of change by investing in your society and creating a positive impact on it.


Visit our membership section and choose the one that best suits you.


Existing members


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